Sexual Difficulties


Sexual difficulties are often embarrassing, highly personal and may be difficult to talk about. There can be physiological causes to our difficulties, but in the main, psychological issues are the cause.

Sexual difficulties may make us feel anxious; will they ever go away? We begin to question what we are doing and wonder whether we could do things in a different way. We get into a vicious cycle of expecting failure and are rewarded with inevitable disappointment.

Negative feelings may also affect our self-esteem and our confidence in work and other social situations. As a result of these feelings our enjoyment of life is stifled and unhappiness and depression can result.

Sexual difficulties distort the way we behave and can often result in taking refuge in obsessional behaviour including drink and drugs. Whilst these outlets give temporary relief, the problem(s) don’t go away and are often aggravated. Getting professional help is a good way forward and counselling can not only bring relief, but also secure a long-term solution.