Eldad Aizenberg - BSC, DIP PSYCH, MA

I have some 20 years post qualification experience, working with adults from diverse backgrounds with all kind of difficulties. I have worked with men and women of different ages and sexual orientation. I adapt the way I work, acting sensitively to take account of the client’s needs.

Counselling in North London

I work from my practice in North London, which is accessible by train, bus and walking. My counselling practice is Located in Crouch End close to Highgate and Muswell Hill and within a short distance of many transport links.


Counselling & Psyhotherapy

Our relationships, both at work and in our private life help define who we are and what we can achieve in life.

Bereavement & Loss

Counselling & Psyhotherapy

It can be difficult losing someone close to you. Talking to a trained person can gradually help to ease the loss.


Counselling & Psyhotherapy

Anxiety can be caused by stress or triggered by an event. This can make you exaggerate your responses to situations


Counselling & Psyhotherapy

Abuse can be devastating. It is very helpful to talk to a trained therapist about its effects .


Counselling & Psyhotherapy

Depression may arise for many reasons and it affects people in different ways and to varying severity.